5 Reasons Why You Should Work in Recruitment, Part 3.

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Are you a recent graduate, or just thinking about your next job with a year or two's work experience in a sales or customer service role?  Well, what can a career in Recruitment offer you? As Scotland's leading recruitment-to-recruitment specialist, we're giving you 5 good reasons. Here’s number 3 in the list (look out for our other posts with 4 other good reasons...) 
Flexibility & Opportunity! 
Recruitment Consultancies operate in virtually every sector of the employment market and employ people from similarly diverse backgrounds - graduates from almost every discipline and subject, former Olympic athletes and professional footballers, call centre account handlers, civil engineers, etc..  Although there is no doubt that graduates, of every stripe, are in the majority. 
In fact, over 70% of recruiters believe that being qualified helps them in their role and in their career progression.  And, while most undergraduates don’t give much thought to recruitment, many go on to have very successful careers in the industry, in almost every specialist sector. 
So, no matter your specialism, be it Legal, Accountancy, Marketing, Business, Construction or Sport Science, now could be a good time to get some advice on your career options?
We advise people every day and work with some of the leading employers in the Recruitment sector across Scotland. 
Visit Gillespieps.com/contact-us and fix an informal chat to find out more....
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