Management/Executive-level positions are highly coveted, typically very competitive and they also pay well.  There is a distinction to be made between managerial roles and executive/C-suite (the ‘Chief’ level of executives, often taken to mean boardroom level). The majority of management positions call for an understanding of finance, which increases the nearer the top of an organisation one gets, plus an understanding of what makes a business tick and the ability to delegate.  Juggling several balls simultaneously, whilst dealing with problems and crises and, at the same time, organising and motivating teams to achieve business goals is one thing, but not everyone is capable of accepting this level of responsibility and consequently recruiters in this area can spend a lot of time with candidates questioning and testing their true capabilities.

Although business degrees and credentials from Chartered Management Institutes are useful, only about 1 in 5 of all managers hold such qualifications. Instead, most progress through the ranks by demonstrating their aptitude for leadership, organisation, and decision-making.

In addition to perm roles, recruitment agencies also seek interim operations managers and company directors and there are numerous opportunities across the broad swathe of industry and commerce for experienced professionals pursuing managerial positions. If you enjoy real headhunting and placing candidates in “hard to fill” roles, then a position in exec search is ideal.

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