About us

Gillespie People Solutions was founded in 2011 by Hazel Gillespie. With 20+ years’ senior-level experience in the Scottish recruitment industry, Hazel wanted to build a business that would provide a new, highly professional, comprehensive and forward thinking alternative to the traditional world of rec-to-rec recruitment in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Now, with a skilled, experienced team Gillespie People Solutions has gained a unique track record of success in the recruitment marketplace in Scotland and some overseas markets including the UAE and Australia, with an unrivalled reputation for total integrity, confidentiality and professionalism. Specialising in rec2rec and recruitment jobs in Scotland, means we have the best network of recruitment consultant talent and almost every recruitment agency across Scotland.

Having enjoyed the success of placing within every market, across all levels of recruitment ranging from entry level graduates through to board-level Directors across the UK and overseas, we are proud of the industry that we work in.  We enjoy working with our clients on their growth strategies, succession planning and in developing and training their people. View all of our testimonials.

Recruitment is a great industry that rewards achievement.  If you’d like to learn more about us and what we can do for you or your career, or your recruitment business, then please contact the GPS team today by calling Hazel on 07411-002589, or email us at hazel@gillespieps.com.