Why work in recruitment?

Where do we start? The recruitment industry is a dynamic, fast changing market with an annual turnover of over £30bn in the UK alone. With a diverse mix of business types from global multi-discipline recruitment multi-nationals to small, market specialist start-ups, the recruitment sector provides a rich range of career opportunities and can handsomely reward your commitment and success.

Good recruiters can earn very good salaries with a great range of benefits. The very good ones earn excellent salaries and bonus along with fantastic benefits and related perks. The exceptional ones are business owners and millionaires. Recruitment is an incredibly entrepreneurial sector, so you can either enjoy the benefits of working for a large corporate, or you can progress your career by joining the long list of founder-managed recruitment start-ups and grow your own future wealth and destiny.

The job satisfaction as a successful recruiter can be immense. Helping your candidates get great jobs and watching their careers blossom is a great buzz. And, on the other side of the coin, seeing your clients recruit great candidates and watching their business prosper as a result, can provide a tremendous level of job satisfaction that’s hard to match in any other sector.

Recruitment Consultancies operate in virtually every sector of the employment market and employ people from similarly diverse backgrounds - former Olympic athletes, qualified Accountants, professional footballers, call centre account handlers, product and B2B sales people, lawyers and engineers.  Although there is no doubt that graduates, from almost every subject area, are in the majority. In fact, over 70% of recruiters believe that being professionally qualified helps them in their role as a professional recruiter and, in their career progression. While most undergraduates don’t give much thought to recruitment as a possible career path, many that do go on to have very successful careers in the recruitment industry. So, time to think again?

And one final caveat.  Recruitment is not a nine-to-five job for shrinking violets. To really succeed in recruitment, you need to be ambitious, confident, hard-working, not frightened of being set targets and hitting them.  A great listener and communicator, definitely not brash but a rational and intelligent human being who really cares about his or her work. In other words, if you have the ability to sell yourself with integrity and advise others to help them achieve the right result for them and their careers, then you can develop a fantastic, rewarding and enjoyable career of your own in the recruitment sector. Is that you?.

One major thing to consider is deciding which recruitment consultancy you should join – who will best support your development and help you fulfil your potential and, be the ‘best fit’ for your personality?  That’s where Gillespie People Solutions comes in. As the leading Rec-to-Rec specialist across Scotland and North West England we specialise in recruiting for the recruiters. We know them all, their strengths and weaknesses, their foibles (and some of their secrets!), and we offer ongoing support specifically designed to help graduates get off to the best possible start in their recruitment careers. We have years of experience specifically within the recruitment to recruitment sector and work with candidates to find them a company that is the best fit for their skills and ethos.

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