5 Reasons to Work in Recruitment, Part 4.

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If you're a graduate with a year or two's work experience, then why work in Recruitment? As Scotland's leading recruitment-to-recruitment specialist, we're giving you 5 good reasons. We’re at number 4 already! (Look out for the other 4 posts and reasons)..... 
Great Career Progression....and fast! 
Recruitment isn’t a nine-to-five job for shrinking violets, but your hard work will pay off and fast! It’s a sales driven, transparent business sector, so your results will be measured and success is recognised, if not celebrated. If you are ambitious, confident, hard-working, not frightened of being set targets and hitting them and like recognition for your efforts, then the Recruitment sector could be where you will shine.
Combine the above with being a great listener and communicator, definitely not brash but, a rational and intelligent human being who really cares about his or her work, then you have the qualities to succeed and quickly. That means earn more, get promoted, or even build great client relationships and set up your own agency? And, create your own destiny before most of your peers in other sectors have had a pat on the back and a ‘team lunch’!
So, is now the time to get in touch and get some great advice? 
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