If you can’t sell your products and services you don’t have a business. That’s why there is such a premium on great salespeople – and great marketers.  Although often lumped together, there is often a considerable gap between sales professionals and marketing professionals, especially as the latter move into the world of digital, inbound marketing. Moreover, as sales and marketing are central functions with almost all private sector companies, the range of work involved for a recruiter is particularly satisfying. While you can specialise in a particular area (e.g. pharmaceutical sales), the generalist sales recruiter will have a very enjoyable time speaking with clients from across every area of the economy and finding out what makes their businesses tick.

The best sales people are, by their very nature, driven, highly motivated individuals. This means that they are keen to progress quickly and will regularly seek the help of a great recruiter to achieve their career goals. We’ve moved a long way from the days of the commercial traveller and increasingly, their markets are global, and extensive travel around an EMEA, APAC or DACH territory can be the norm.

Marketing too has become more global in scope.  As noted, digital marketing is very much supplanting the more traditional approaches and, unlike salespeople, where a degree is not necessarily a prerequisite, for marketing an appropriate degree is usually essential, often coupled with a professional qualification from a major body such at the CIM. Consequently, many of the big recruitment agencies, with their international networks, can be great places to work, but a smaller, local specialist too can offer very satisfying opportunities for a recruiter looking to change his or her career path.

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