Construction accounts for some 6% of total GVA and employs about 2 million people. From blue to white collar, there is a vast range of different types of construction job, but it should be noted that in construction most companies are actually quite small (c. 10 employees) and about a third of all people working in the sector are self-employed. 

However, with major government infrastructure projects (Forth Crossing, Hinckley Power Station, HS2, etc.) likely to continue to provide demand for workers, engineers and related professionals (surveyors, architects, etc.) the construction sector is one where you can develop real niche skills and carve out a very successful career.

One specialist area that deserves special mention is property. Bricks and mortar are often major company assets and property management is a vital part of many companies’ strategy. Facilities management is one of the fastest growing professions in the UK and there is a growing number of opportunities to be filled by recruiters in this arena.

Trades and Labour

Construction work is commonly labour intensive, with individuals expected to work effectively as part of a larger team and workers usually require a certain level of physical fitness. Work in this industry can mean long and irregular hours, often focusing on more than one project, so candidates must be flexible and adaptable.

The most common path into the trades/labour market is non-graduate with many jobs being classed as low skilled. Many trades do have associated NVQ qualifications though and qualifications in health and safety are also important. However, most personnel in the construction sector will gain these qualifications on-the-job whilst attending college classes at the same time.

This area of industry is supported by construction recruitment agencies aiming to provide effective staffing solutions to fill permanent or temporary/contract vacancies. Job titles can vary from higher paying supervisory positions to manual jobs like bricklayers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers.

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