Recently graduated? Another couple of reasons why you should consider working in recruitment.

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As a £40bn+ sector within the UK, Recruitment can offer a hugely diverse range of career options.  Apart from excellent earning potential, employment benefits and huge potential job satisfaction from helping others develop their own careers, here’s another couple of reasons that working in Recruitment offers a great potential career choice for graduates…
1.  You can specialise in almost every sector of the employment market.  Recruitment consultancies employ people from similarly diverse backgrounds - former Olympic athletes, Premier League footballers, Call Centre account handlers, Sales people, Lawyers, Engineers, HR or Accountancy graduates with some experience in the sector….etc. 
Although there is no doubt that graduates, of every stripe, are in the majority. In fact, over 70% of recruiters believe that being qualified helps them in their role and in their career progression.  And, while most undergraduates don’t give much thought to recruitment, many go on to have very successful careers in the industry. So, time to think again?
2.  Recruitment offers great rewards, but it’s not a nine-to-five job for shrinking violets. You need to be ambitious, confident, hard-working, not frightened of being set targets and hitting them, a great listener and communicator, definitely not brash, but a rational and intelligent human being who really cares about his or her work.
If you have the ability to sell yourself with integrity and communicate effectively and persuade others, you can develop a fantastic, rewarding and enjoyable career in recruitment. 
Just like any other sector, it’s important to get it right when deciding which recruitment consultancy to join.  Who will invest to best develop your potential and, who will be the ‘best fit’ for your personality and ideal specialism?  
Gillespie People Solutions specialise in sourcing new graduate talent for the recruitment industry and in help individuals develop long term careers.  We recruit for recruiters.  We know them all, their strengths and weaknesses, their foibles (and some of their secrets!), and we offer ongoing mentoring and support to our candidates to help their careers grow.
Get in touch with any of the Gillespie People Solutions team for an initial chat and we can discuss another couple of good reasons why recruitment could be a great career choice.  And visit Why Work in Recruitment for more information.
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