The range of jobs under Financial Services is vast and there are excellent opportunities for recruiters to develop new skills and learn about a host of fascinating professions, all with their own specific recruitment needs and professional requirements.

The banking sector makes up a substantial portion of the UK economy (about 8%, including insurance) and is administered by the Financial Services Authority.

British banks provide their services to some 44 million people, as well as many of the nation's businesses.  London, with its international banks and Stock Exchange is, after New York, the most important financial hub in the world, while Scotland has been at the forefront of many of the key developments in the industry over the last 300 years and Edinburgh is one of Europe’s leading financial centres, employing around 95,000 people directly and 70,000 indirectly and generating £7billion for the economy.

Like accountancy, there is a huge range of jobs in the banking sector, from the exceptionally fast-paced and cut-throat to the meticulous and perhaps mundane. High Street, private, investment and retail banking, compliance, risk and of course the stock market all require a considerable degree of knowledge, experience and interpersonal skills. While a high level of numeracy and analytical skills can be necessary, other roles require strong customer service and communication skills, and there is, of course, the full panoply of support services such as HR, PR and marketing.

Financial Services recruiters can be dealing with high-level jobs, nationally or internationally (with concomitant fee levels) and/or the more day-to-day requirements of customer service and front-line staff. In either case, you’ll not be bored!

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