Supply chain, logistics and procurement have moved a long way from when all these functions were bundled together under the ‘Purchasing Department’.  Today, sophisticated market technologies are used to plan and drive commercial success and procurement professionals are responsible for making £M savings across major contracts.

Whether it’s by road, rail, sea or air, supply chain and logistics professionals keep businesses moving, therefore the need for recruiters who focus solely on sourcing the best candidates within the supply chain and logistics sectors is huge. Globalism has created an increasingly interdependent international economy, as well as a need for organisations to maximise efficiency, minimise costs and meet the exacting expectations of their customers. Consequently, supply chain and logistics expertise is increasingly deployed across many verticals including Food & Drink, Engineering, Distribution, Energy, Construction and Finance.

It’s a really fast-paced, ever-changing market to work in. Roles recruited for include supply analysts, supply chain managers, logistics managers, transport planners, materials and resource planning specialists and many more.

In procurement/purchasing there are still requirements for ‘old-fashioned buyers’ with detailed, specialist knowledge in key industries, however, like supply chain and logistics, procurement too has moved on. Nowadays, procurement requires real expertise to organise major tender competitions, bring together an advisory Expert User Group, analyse and evaluate the responses and award contracts - all the while complying with the requirements of procurement legislation and an over-riding imperative to treat all suppliers fairly and professionally.

The very best recruitment professionals in these areas have great networks, are as knowledgeable about their subject as their candidates and clients and consequently are in great demand by the latter. 

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