Today, Dundee is one of Scotland’s most innovative and creative cities. Around 148,000 people call the ‘City of Discovery’ home, and Tayside’s rich agricultural hinterland and the famous industrial heritage of Jute, Jam and Journalism (and whaling too) have now been transmogrified into a city in which a diverse array of flourishing modern, especially technology-based, industries are thriving.  This change has attracted many people from around the world to come and work here.  It’s a bustling centre during the day and a lively location at night, as perhaps reflects its position as the birthplace of the Scottish games industry, where some of the world’s biggest names, such as Rock Star North (producers of Grand Theft Auto) are headquartered. Not surprisingly, Dundee is also home to the world’s first degree in computer games technology.

Dundee’s workforce is well educated, highly skilled and flexible. You’ll have your pick of rewarding career opportunities in Tayside’s bustling, modern economy, from life sciences and digital media to oil and gas, public sector and financial services.

Dundee is a lovely city in which to stroll, with great views from many locations and key amenities within easy walking distance. Its small “town-like” environment gives the city a more informal, friendly feel than most major Scottish cities. House prices are generally reasonable and the most common mode of public transport is the bus. Transport giant Stagecoach, which began life in the attractive nearby city of Perth, has recently invested over £5.3 million on 18 new hybrid buses with very low emission levels in Dundee, meaning that the bus travel experience in Dundee is a “green” one. It’s a long way from its whaling past!

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