• "Hazel provided me with the highest level of support, insight and advice when I was relocating to Glasgow. Hazel provided me with fantastic insight to the Recruitment market in Glasgow and guided me throughout the entire process of finding a perfectly suited new role."
    Hazel took the time to get to know me professional and understand the criteria of my “perfect role”.
    I would highly recommend Hazel’s expertise to anyone looking to move in or enter the Recruitment Industry in Scotland!

  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Hazel over the last few years. Hazel has an ability to really understand and help define the more complex senior roles and what is required to make them successful. There is a huge amount of experience and market knowledge that underpins her high level of service. It is always a joy to catch up with her and her professionalism and experience is highly valued. It's wonderful to see her enthusiasm and support for our constantly evolving industry."

    Jane Wylie-Roberts, Chief Executive, Stafffinders
  • "James Gray Recruitment have partnered with Hazel for several years now. Hazel and her team consistently hits the mark when sourcing talent for us. She gets the culture and personalities that fit in, and the relationship has evolved to the point that Hazel doesn’t need to ask if I want to see someone, we just book them in. If you need a professional, discreet recruiter working on your behalf, I would highly recommend Hazel and her team to deliver."

  • We have engaged with Gillespie People Solutions for a number of years now as we have grown our business. MBN Solutions are a unique organisation, and we look for our partners to understand our sourcing challenges completely in order to identify and locate the very best quality candidates in a challenging market. Gillespie People Solutions do just that, and we are delighted with the work they have done for us.

  • “Hazel invested lots of time up front to understand both our business needs and cultural fit. She understands her market and 'gets it'. Hazel has supplied many great people across our Scottish offices and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to hire recruitment, talent acquisition or HR professionals.”

  • Brightwork have used GPS to help with our recruitment for our growing teams. They have taken time to understand our culture and make sure the candidates fit every time.

  • Having been sceptical about the Rec to Rec in the past, we decided we needed some traction with securing our future talent, I was very impressed with the approach taken by the team at GPS. They felt more aligned to our own approach and recognised the talent and cultural fit for Aspen. Having taken the time to understand our business, the candidates they introduced to us understood our journey and how we operate.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending you meet GPS and discuss your business requirements. It will be a good investment of your time if you want to grow your business. As long as we still get first refusal on talent I am sure there are more to go around!