Negotiating Your Salary at Offer Stage - Show Me the Money!?

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2024 by Peter Gillespie10 comments

Should I negotiate my salary when being offered a role?  If it isn't what you expected, or need, then absolutely!  Negotiating your salary is a critical step to get right when you're offered a new role. 

Here's why:

First impressions matter.  Demonstrating confidence in your value from the outset sets the tone for your future.  By negotiating, you're not just making an argument for a better salary, you're also conveying confidence in your abilities and your understanding of the value you bring to the table.

Research is key.  Before starting any negotiations, arm yourself with data and do your research.  Listen to the recruiter helping you through the process.  Make sure you understand the market, the role's average pay, and how your experience and skills stack up.  Information is gold in any future discussions.

And, it's not just about the base salary.  Consider the entire compensation package, including the bonus structure and achievable 'OTE'; the benefits, flexible working arrangements, and opportunities for professional development?  Depending on what you value the most, these can be just as valuable as the salary itself.  So weigh it up carefully.

And don't forget, some negotiation is probably expected.  Most employers anticipate some level of salary negotiation.  They have often factored this into their initial offer (that's lower than what they're willing to pay), leaving room for discussion.  Not negotiating could mean leaving money on the table.

Remember, it's a conversation.  So, approach any negotiation as a positive dialogue, rather than a demand.  Express your enthusiasm for the role and the company, and be prepared to explain why you believe a higher salary is justified.

Finally, timing is everything.  Once you've received the offer, thank them and ask for some time to consider it.  Use this time to discuss with your recruiter, do your research (if not done already) and prepare your negotiation strategy.

Know your worth and have a clear bottom line.  If the employer isn't willing to meet your reasonable expectations, are you prepared to decline the offer?  Depending on the market, there may be other opportunities that better match your value.

Negotiating your salary can be daunting.  It's about finding a balance that satisfies you and your employer, ensuring you start off on the right footing and enjoy a fruitful and motivating professional relationship.  

So, maybe don't follow Rod Tidwell's approach directly, but don't miss the opportunity to make sure you get the deal you feel you deserve. 

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10 comments on "Negotiating Your Salary at Offer Stage - Show Me the Money!?"

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