Candidate Feedback - Why it's important!

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We've seen and heard a lot of chatter from some industry voices about the importance of 'providing timely feedback', while in reality, not actually delivering that themselves.  So, we thought it's a worthwhile topic to chat about.  

Why is timely and relevant feedback is critical in the recruitment process?

Imagine you've just had a job interview.  The wait for feedback can seem endless?  That's why timely and accurate feedback is the cornerstone of a respectful and effective recruitment process.  Here's why it matters so much.

Mainly, it's about respect.  Candidates (and their recruitment consultant), invest time and a lot of emotional energy into their applications and interviews.  Regardless of the outcome, prompt and relevant feedback acknowledges this effort, and shows respect for that commitment.  It's a simple act that can elevate your company's reputation as an employer of choice.  Ignoring this means the opposite is likely.

Accurate feedback is a also tool for growth.  Constructive insights help candidates understand their strengths and areas for improvement.  This isn't just beneficial for them; it fosters a talent pool that's more skilled and self-aware, which is invaluable for future hiring.

And, don't forget.  The recruitment landscape is a small world and incredibly interconnected.  Candidates (and recruiters) share experiences online and via word-of-mouth.  Timely, thoughtful feedback can turn candidates into ambassadors for your brand, regardless of the outcome.  Failure, means your employer brand name could turn to mud.

So, don't underestimate the power of timely and accurate feedback. It benefits everyone involved, shaping a more dynamic, respectful, and effective recruitment process.  No matter how 'busy' you are, it's important for all involved.  Especially you.

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