Blog - June 2024

  • Candidate Feedback - Why it's important!

    Posted on Monday, June 24, 2024 by HazelGillespieNo comments

    We've seen and heard a lot of chatter from some industry voices about the importance of 'providing timely feedback', while in reality, not actually delivering that themselves. So, we thought it's a worthwhile topic to chat about. Why is timely and relevant feedback is critical in the recruitment process? Imagine you've just had a job interview. The wait for feedback can seem endless? That's why ...

  • Negotiating Your Salary at Offer Stage - Show Me the Money!?

    Posted on Monday, June 17, 2024 by Peter Gillespie10 comments

    Should I negotiate my salary when being offered a role? If it isn't what you expected, or need, then absolutely! Negotiating your salary is a critical step to get right when you're offered a new role. Here's why: First impressions matter. Demonstrating confidence in your value from the outset sets the tone for your future. By negotiating, you're not just making an argument for a better salary, ...