Gillespie People Solutions Hires Industry Big Hitter, Leah Ley Wilson

Posted on Monday, April 17, 2023 by PETER GILLESPIE19 comments

Gillespie People Solutions is delighted to confirm that recruitment industry expert, Leah Ley-Wilson is joining the business in April as a Business Manager.  Many in the Scottish recruitment industry will already be familiar with Leah’s name, as she ran her own rec-to-rec business for over 20 years, and is widely respected across the Scottish market.  Leah has now stepped back from running her own business and, after a short break, is joining Gillespie People Solutions, working alongside business founder, Hazel Gillespie and her team.  


Hazel Gillespie, Director at Gillespie People Solutions said, “We’re delighted that Leah is joining us, as we continue to develop our reach and capability across the Scottish recruitment-to-recruitment and Talent Acquisition market.  Leah brings bags of experience and an understanding of the market that’s second to none. It’s a real coup to have her on board. At Gillespie People Solutions we pride ourselves on having unrivalled market experience, insight and knowledge of clients and candidates, to make sure we place people with the right employer to fulfil their potential. Leah’s experience and network is a great fit for us and increases our ability to achieve that, building on our reputation and growing the business even further.”


Leah Ley-Wilson confirmed “After running my own rec-to-rec business for so long, I wanted a change.  I’ve obviously been aware of Hazel and the GPS team for a long time and have huge respect for the way they do business.  I felt the time was right to combine forces and spend more of my time working with a great network of clients and candidates, versus running the business itself.  Hazel and her team are the only business I believe shares my values and I would consider working with.  I’m delighted to be here and can’t wait to combine forces.”


Gillespie People Solutions is a leading specialist Recruitment-to-Recruitment and in-house Talent Acquisition consultancy, based in Scotland. Formed in 2011 by founding Director Hazel Gillespie, they use years of combined experience in the recruitment industry to provide the right career advice and place professional recruiters into new roles with recruitment agencies, and in Talent Acquisition roles within general industry.


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19 comments on "Gillespie People Solutions Hires Industry Big Hitter, Leah Ley Wilson"

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