Graduate Jobs - 5 Great Reasons to Work in Recruitment, Part 5/5

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If you're a recent graduate thinking about your next job, with a year or two's work experience within your sector, or in a sales or customer facing role, then why work in Recruitment? 


As Scotland and North West England’s leading recruitment-to-recruitment specialist, we're giving you 5 good reasons. Here’s the 5th and, the best! (Look out for the other 4 posts and reasons).....
It’s a lot of FUN! 
While the Recruitment sector pays well, offers great career progression, provides opportunities for diverse qualification and experience backgrounds and offers unrivalled job satisfaction, the best employers really know how to have fun doing it.
Recruitment attracts talented, outgoing, ambitious types who love dealing with and working with people. As it’s a results and recognition driven business, the perks can be fantastic and most of the best employers make an art form out of celebrating success. A happy team is usually a successful one and, vice versa.
At Gillespie People Solutions we know who the best employers are, the best culture fit for what you might be looking for and, the best place to start your career and give you the best chance of success. And, have fun in your career (and who doesn’t want that!)
So, is now the time to get in touch and get some great advice? 
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