Without power we can’t function.  Moreover, with concerns multiplying about global warming and how we generate this power in the future, the range of technologies deployed to ensure we keep the lights (and wifi!) on are getting more complex and consequently the demands made on recruiters in this area are increasingly challenging.  A good knowledge of the basic principles of the engineering involved is often a prerequisite, but it’s a fascinating world that repays detailed study.  For example…

A government commitment to the widespread application of renewable energy sources and more than 2,000 energy-related organisations put Scotland at the forefront of this exciting energy market.  The demand for innovative renewable energy technologies is growing across the globe, and therefore the sector is one of the most important, and fastest growing, areas of employment. In the UK as a whole, more than 100,000 staff are directly employed in the renewable energy industry, in diverse positions in the key areas of employment: wind, solar and wave/tidal energy. Many of the jobs are, obviously, science/engineering-based, but there are also growing numbers of jobs in the related design and manufacturing fields.

Positions commonly available through recruitment agencies include environmental scientists/consultants, specialist mechanical, electrical, electronic and design engineers, hydrologists and a full range of managerial and supervisory jobs. 

Nuclear, Shale Fracking and Alternative Energy Sources 

Currently, the Scottish government has a block on fracking and new nuclear power stations.  However, the UK government is not of the same mind, so there are certainly opportunities, albeit currently limited north of the border, for recruiters to work in these areas.  Nuclear scientists and engineers have very specific skills but many of the big energy companies, with their worldwide operations, have fracking operations overseas and, with the increased concern about global warming, nuclear power stations (Hinckley being a case in point) will continue to be built, creating opportunities for candidates with relevant and/or transferrable skills.

Recruiting for Renewable Energy Jobs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, throughout Scotland and Manchester

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