Industrial jobs span a wide range of employment opportunities. The common thread is their tendency to be centred on larger businesses, operating 24/7 with mass production facilities. Recruitment firms in this space are highly specialised, often dedicated to sourcing vacancies and candidates for the likes of warehouse operatives, forklift operators, distribution managers, and machinists.

Moreover, even in the age of the internet (perhaps especially so given the number of packages sent by Amazon!) businesses need to transport goods from producer to consumer and road, rail, air (and perhaps drones) are utilised to deliver on time and at a cost-effective price.

Drivers – of all types – will therefore continue to be in demand.  Different levels of qualification obviously apply for trains and busses, HGV, couriers and even chauffeurs.  In addition, there are all the related support staff – on-board train crews, vehicle mechanics, etc.

Both part-time and full-time positions are widely available in the industrial sector, and jobs demanding graveyard shifts and unconventional working hours are also typical. Jobs in transport are big business – and very popular. A recent campaign for Virgin Trains (Oct. 2016) for 78 train drivers resulted in over 15,000 applications! 

If you fancy a change of career then you’ll be expected to learn quickly, so bring your transferrable skills, a willingness to network and a demonstrable enthusiasm for a host of new challenges!

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