With almost 600,000 residents, Glasgow is Scotland’s most populated city and the largest urban economy in the country, supporting over 400,000 jobs and generating over £13 billion a year.

From its former glories and wealth gained as the Second City of the British Empire, Glasgow has developed in the twenty-first century into a lively and energetic place to live - a major university town and a popular tourist destination, with fantastic nightlife, arts and entertainments. Glasgow was awarded the prestigious title of European City of Culture in 1990 which drove many improvements throughout the city centre and suburbs. Like Edinburgh, there is little in London that you won’t find in Glasgow.

Once renowned for its shipbuilding and engineering, Glasgow has, of necessity, changed to become a service-based economy, dominated by financial and business services, with other areas of work such as retail and leisure, energy, software engineering & development and biotechnology also flourishing.  Average earnings in the west of Scotland have seen year on year increases and investments in business, infrastructure and property are burgeoning, making Glasgow a prosperous place to live and work in.  House prices vary depending on the district, but generally are lower than Edinburgh.

Glasgow is one of only three British cities that have an underground metro system (the Subway) as well as one of the best suburban train and bus networks outside London. Direct links to major cities in the UK and Europe via air, rail and road are first-class.

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