Since oil was first brought ashore in the 1970’s, Aberdeen has become a major international centre for the industry and, consequently, been very prosperous, with its citizens enjoying a high quality of life and very low unemployment. The “Granite City” (the Rubislaw granite quarry was worked for 200 years and at one time was the deepest in Europe) has regularly been ranked one of the best places to live and work in the UK.  With a population of c. 228,000, Aberdeen is a bustling, energetic place where, as you’d expect, house prices have been very high.  However, with the North Sea now past its peak, prices are falling and there is quality housing to be had at a reasonable price, especially for those who wish a slightly slower-paced lifestyle in the region’s outer towns and splendid seaside villages.

Although the oil industry may have passed peak production, there is still a wide range of work and many different jobs.  Oil will still be here for a long time to come, and decommissioning, the process by which the North Sea will, over many years, be returned to its former environmental state, will create much work in the future.

Life in the north-east of Scotland, while different from Edinburgh and Glasgow, is very rewarding. With its ancient and modern universities, world-renowned research institutes and superb sports, healthcare and leisure facilities, it’s a great place to live and work. The oil industry has created first-class local, national and international transport links and the wealth that has been acquired over the last few decades is reflected in a thriving arts and entertainment scene. With low unemployment and higher than average wages, there is much to recommend a move to Aberdeen.

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